Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Kim Hyoun Woo who has been worked on game industry. You may think 'Kim' is my name but 'Kim' is last name but we, Korean has reverse order on the way his or her name. Most of them uses reverse order such as Hyoun Woo Kim but I prefer and feel comfortable on our way.

Most of what I post in here might be about Nebula Device, the open source 3D engine what I really have interesting on and keep trying to constantly contribute and all about productive activities on game production especially engineering point of view.

On another posts, it might be about MMO. Currently I'm living in Seoul, South Korea and working on MMORPG. Yes, I'm living in the capital of MMOs. ;-) So there is also one of my major interesting which is about game development process of MMO game especially its constant development management after its launching. The problem on that might be not a common on other side either North America or Europe where console and PC packages are main platform. So either I may post such those things.

Glad to see you.

@About history to 'kimsama'.
That seems to be early or middle of someday in1997 when I made the account on the BBS with that name. There was not any serious intention or hide meaning when it was created but just for some fun. Yes, as you know well, the post-fix '-sama' is for an honor in Japanese.(I am not Japanese though!) And after that it became to widely spread and be popular as the word - Yonsama due to the famous actor, Bae Yong Jun with his drama is getting to have mega hit in Japan. So what's the point I want to mention is that my account name is really have no relationship with Yonsama even I used it before he got the nick. ;-)


Taejin said...

I am so surprise that your nickname come from Yon-Sama. Because Yon-Sama's image is so different kimsama's image.

Kim, Hyoun Woo said...

Read again. What the point I've mentioned is that it DID NOT come from that.