Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nebula recent news

Nebula3 in Progress Status of the communtiy:
  • Currently Bruce M. have set up N3 related pages for blogging, version control with Mercurial on his new machine to prepare N3 community.

Personal Nebula related issues and interesting:
  • A 12 hours course for Nebula2 game engine is scheduled on June at GAME ACADEMY institute in Seoul, Korea.(yes, I'm the instructor =)
  • So, I'm heavily writing doc for the course on my spare time at these days.
  • Some part of the doc may be released to public but it it written by Korean.
  • I have a plan to do some experiments on art pipeline with a few artists who I know for Nebula2.(Not sure it might be shared or not at the moment)
  • Considering to adopt other physics engine not ODE but Ageia PhysX or Havok both are freely can be available now.(But Havok is exactly not free for a commercial project though)
  • There's lack of supporting on the tool-chain for a physics part of Mangalore game framework. Recently Scythe, a modeling tool for physics engine turned its license policy and now it is open source project. I hope to review and know how it is well fit with Nebula.
  • Improving on Nebula 3DS Max Toolkit. (already have some ideas, I'll post later on that)
  • One who I know has suggested to make a flexible level editor for Nebula. There is a good model for this - visit the site. I already dropped the email and discussed on their customized editor with the leader programmer.(Though not for Nebula but our internal project) Even not only their product seems to be good but also they have a good business model. And I have another thought for their Grome Editor - they already supports Torque so why not for Nebula? =)

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