Thursday, May 22, 2008

GUI Framework for Tool Chain of Nebula3

I concentrated to make the asset tool called 'nmaxtoolbox' during age of Nebula2. I know there might be still lost of things to improve(Please, be patient ;-) The next step from me on Nebula3 also might be about tool like the previous time. For that, the first thing what I research in my spare time is things about designing level editor-you might want to call it as scene designer or whatever-especially with wxWidget.

Even though making a level editor such as contents authoring tool is looked like being on the opposite site to the Nebula philosophy - Make it simple as it possible as it can be and using any existing things not reinventing a wheel - but I feel it is right way for a large scale size of project such as MMORPG. (I have lots of things to say about that issue so I probably post those things in near future)

Thus again, like the some age of N2, I'm planning to write stub code to integrate wxWidget into Nebula3. We, the community already have some simple yet powerful Apps written with wxPython and know how to tweak wxWidget to integrate into Nebula. So I guess there might be no difficult things which need hard research.

Saying more exactly, what I'm considering is using wxLua not C++ library of wxWidget due to Nebula3 changed its primary script language to Lua from Tcl.

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isav said...

Who is "We, the community"?