Saturday, March 7, 2009

Build Nebula3 on OS X

Here is description on building Nebula3 on OS X:

1) Check out Sep. Nebula3 from Nebula3 google code site. You shoud the svn link for "" to get OS X ported stuff.
2) Next, You need CMake tool to build the Nebula3 stuff. You can download it from here. (Download Mac OSX Universal dmg file, mostly it works fine.)
3) Mount the downloaded dmg and install CMake tool.
4) Now, time to generate Xcode project file from CMake. It might be good to make seperate directory which contains all CMake generated build files. I created 'xcode' directory under 'code' directory so the directory is that - "$nebula3/code/xcode".
5) Open any terminal and move to the created 'xcode' directory.
6) Type the following "cmake -G Xcode ../" This makes all necessary Xcode project files under the 'xcode' directory।
7) Open 'Nebula3', created Xcode project file.
8) Finally, Build.

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