Friday, May 1, 2009

Random notes on N3, April 2009 release version

I'm spending most of my time with N3, April 2009 version on these days.

And so, drop some quick and random notes about it.

  1. IO stream should support multi-bytes or unicode. It fails to run if any directory name has multi-bytes code. e.g. Korean etc.
  2. It used file DB but changed now to memory DB. (yes, it is type of usage of sqlite) As I know, file DB is more fast than memory one and even stable. Why have it been changed?
  3. N3 uses compressed vertex format so any directly exported model from 3dsmax toolkit will not work correctly.
  4. There is n3convert but it only converts .n2 to .n3 not .nvx2 and .nax2. You also need .nvx2 for mesh file and .nax2 for animation file if it is necessary.
  5. One of good news is that, nmaxtoolkit has been modified to be compatible to the latest released N3.
  6. But bad news is that it has not been committed yet.
  7. Drakensang's model can be converted, not all of the models but some of them can be converted and run into the April 2009 version.
  8. Light and Shader stuff are still broken. When? :-)
  9. All clips must be in one .nax2 file for character animation. A complex character may not have all its animations at once but it may added one by one or changed during a develop time. So it is good to support to use seperated animation data file like ncharacter3skinanimator of N2. (well, it may not have clean interface though)
  10. There are some momory leaks.

Ok, that's all right now. I'll post more after have some experiments.

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